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Many regions of our globe face challenges in the area of transportation. Whether it’s moving people or products across air, land, and sea; many countries still lag behind with meeting their transportation needs. Jones Group International has assembled a group of transportation experts with experiences across all modes of transportation. Our team members are not theorists; they are practitioners that have mastered the art of moving our world forward. Our services in this area include:


JGI has employed a group of specialists who possess a deep understanding of the aviation spectrum on copious levels. This team has diligently worked on past projects ranging from transportation policy to airport planning and operations within various organizations and government entities. With such an acquired skill set, this professional team will be able to bring an innovative and transformative perspective on aviation projects in diverse regions.

JGI also works to develop airport concessions programs including retail, duty-free, and food &beverage. We have relationships with some of the top concession companies from around the globe. We are well positioned to provide quality products along with consultation on the procurement processes.

Mass Land Transit

The priorities of Mass Land Transit focuses on widening highways to reduce traffic congestion and creating various means for transportation outlets (roads, bridges, etc.), but that is not what it is solely geared towards. Mass Land Transit has a particular purpose that is tailored towards ensuring the safety and security of automotive drivers and pedestrians alike, creating an environment where accessibility is aligned with an individual’s safety concerns. Here at JGI, we will work alongside government and transportation agencies in order to secure best practices used in developing various outlets of transportation for the community.

Mass Transit is also about the ability to move citizens from their homes to their places of employment and beyond. JGI Transportation Group has a team of experts that have worked with some of the largest mass transit systems in the world. From buses to subways to commuter rail, JGI has the experiences to help iron out solutions that will increase mobility among regions that struggle to move their citizens.

Port/Sea Transportation

By combining both cutting-edge and practical solutions to build upon already existing transportation means via port/sea, the senior transportation staff of Jones Group International are able to combat against any impediments. Using ports is essential to trade, and with that expertise, JGI will provide high quality advice and assistances to improve a client’s essential performances. Additionally, we have relationships to create opportunity among some of the world’s biggest ports to increase trade and tourism.