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Many regions suffer from a lack of technological advancement and connectivity to the rest of the world. JGI is committed to help clients succeed by accelerating and optimizing “BIG DATA” and providing predictive analytics. Additionally, we are interested in:

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Capability

These three elements are designed to ensure that a client’s business is operating proficiently. JGI will implement strict protocols to keep our clients aware that all programs are being executed to the highest standards, an inventory of all possible risks that could interfere with client’s objectives, and guaranteeing that all regulations and policies are met accordingly.

Business Process Consolidation

Our clients need to be able to keep up with the pace of business. Business Process Consolidation will allow clients of Jones Group International will be able to adapt to the dynamics of the economic conditions with a system that accelerate planning, budgeting, and financial functions to produce more dated and accurate results.

Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) will aid our clients in managing and safeguarding all information pertaining to their needs.

Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) integrates and analyzes data from various sources with the intention of improving business performances.

Pre-packaged SAP Hana, EPM, & EIM Solutions

Hosting SAP HANA, EPM, BI, and EIM Solutions

Building Cloud Platforms & Solutions

By building cloud platforms and solutions ensures our client’s ability to house their specific data in a secure location. It will allow them to increase business efficiency and lower any technical complexities.

Developing Mobile Solutions

With mobile technology becoming more commonplace over the last couple of decades, it is important our clients are able to have access to any business information/data, whether it’s pertaining to the economy or infrastructure or politics, readily at their fingertips from their phones or tablets.

Implementing BIG DATA Solutions

There are countless of ways to incorporate BIG DATA. JGI will be able to devise a comprehensive solution that is tailored to the needs of the client to successfully improve their operations.

SAP HANA System Integration

Clients will be able to effectively and securely connect across cloud and on-premise solutions.

HADOOP Integration

JGI will assist clients in transitioning towards a more secure data depository for easy access to analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data to improve data governance.

Advisory Consulting

Jones Group International will focus on a more macro level of challenges for our client and will aid in improving previously established processes in order to reduce and mitigate any and all risk.

Technology Consulting

We are aware that technology is ever evolving, and what may have worked 10 years ago, may not be as efficient in present times. Here at Jones Group International, we focus on advising our clients on best practices used to fully optimize business growth through the use of technology.

Managed Services

Managed Services helps outsource the responsibilities of maintaining and micromanaging your technological systems. This allows clients to focus more on improving other aspects of the economy.

Support Services for Amazon Cloud Web Services

Amazon Cloud Web Services provides a broad set of infrastructure services that will improve and increase business growth.