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The lack of infrastructure afflicts a country’s development. From underdeveloped roads that restrict safe transportation for domestic use and trade to the lack of clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, infrastructure is a crucial necessity to a country’s economy. JGI will make the proper investments to revitalize our client’s infrastructure in areas such as:

Streets and Roads

By working in conjunction with our senior engineering staff, JGI possess the ability to deliver a comprehensive strategy to produce safe roadways for our clients. We are able to offer our clients solutions for the construction and maintenance of these projects. The economy thrives on safe passages, and it is in JGI’s best interest to provide our clients with safe, navigational means. There are too many regions of our globe that are still driving on mud or dirt roads. Increased infrastructure strengthens the economy of any region.

Wastewater Solutions

In recent years, there has been a growth in legislation passed that pertains to the environment and the use of wastewater. With these strict regulations, it is vital for an economy to maintain these statues in order to reduce risk and promote public health safety. JGI will work with its clients to develop efficient and effective programs that will transform and optimize their current water utility policies.

Drainage and Sewage Issues

Many communities around the world are not connected to reliable drainage and sewage systems and often times have to rely on other solutions that have proven to be inadequate and/or unsanitary, such as septic tanks and latrines). JGI Engineers lend their expertise to provide cleaner and more capable means to a community’s most basic essential. We encourage strong interactions between the government and the community to accomplish this task. Our team of engineers work with local government to map out a pathway to success, while creating jobs for citizens in the region.

Clean Water Solutions

783 million people worldwide are in need of fresh, clean water. This is a critical problem that severely effects communities around the world. Without the abundance of clean water, people cannot properly produce crops, which accounts for 70% of water usage on a global scale. In addition, without clean water, people aren’t able to practice proper hygiene, which increases the risk of spreading disease. Lack of clean water also causes severe dehydration, and so much more.

Jones Group International will partner with various entities to provide long-lasting solutions for these communities. Whether it’s through building wells and dams, or effective systems that catch rainwater, JGI will help insure clean, drinkable water is obtainable to all.