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Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights (DGHR)

Our Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights practice focuses on helping governments operate at the highest level of efficiency possible and helping to develop solutions for critical challenges they may face. Our DGHR Group has assembled global experts whose experiences span decades. In addition, we believe that governments are only as good as the people they serve. Where there is disparity amongst populations there are injustices. Jones Group International also works with institutions and non-profits within regions to address human needs. Our services in this area include:

Economic Policy

A country’s economy is only as good as its policies. Having experience in creating economic policies, JGI will be able to provide proper solutions to strengthen our client’s business climate on a local and national level and create reforms that will encourage domestic and foreign trade. With the combination of these two aspects along with any additional policies that will come into play, JGI can establish an increase in economic growth for our clients.

Criminal Justice

JGI consists of a team that possess over a collective of 2 decades of criminal justice and law enforcement experiences. With this experience, we have a vast knowledge of operational and tactical protocol and understand challenging issues that may plague society. Jones Group International will tackle current issues and implement new reforms to ensure safety, security, and equal justice is provided to all.

Educational Policy

The education system should be at the forefront of any country’s agenda for policy. At Jones Group International, we assist our clients in building education within the communities by coming up with solutions to transform current school systems, support and strengthen higher education institutes, and potentially develop and build new schools as a way to provide both education and employment.

Legislature/Parlimentary Reforms

With the experience JGI has in the legislative process and lobbying, we have the uncanny ability to understand and influence governmental entities to build and strengthen relationships between the government and its people. In addition, with years of experience working in bi-cameral and commonwealth governments JGI has experts that understand how to work with legislative bodies, leadership, and political parties to reform legislative processes to maximize efficiencies. At Jones Group International, our focus is on developing our client’s ability to prosper in their local and federal markets.

Public Management

JGI will work hand-and-hand with the community to establish and understand short- and long-term issues and needs. JGI works with bureaucratic agencies to aid the management of day to day government functions. Essentially, our job is to help national and local government run smoothly providing superior services to the citizens . Once we have a comprehensive understanding on what challenges plagues the community, we will partner with different organizations and businesses to contribute a positive change to the society.

Environmental/Sustainable Energy

Our environment is in peril. While the world is withering there are still governments that struggle with creating environmentally friendly policies that will help to sustain their natural resources. JGI has a team of experts that have spent their careers working to preserve our planet. We work with governments to review and evaluate policies to maximize sustainability. Additionally, we seek to connect governments with the resources to create environmentally friendly projects in their regions.

Energy is a vital necessity for every society worldwide. Whether it’s finding a new and innovating way to produce an alternative fuel-efficient product or developing the means to equally distribute various sustainable energy resources, complexity and complications will arise. Here at Jones Group International, we will be able to properly assist our clients in solving the most perplexing challenges. By utilizing our readily-available resources, we will help reduce risk for all parties, improve the safety and wellbeing of the community, and provide an energy source that is both sustainable and reliable to our clients.

Public Health/ Health Management

It is vitally important that the population of a country has access to basic health care. Having such access is key in promoting a number of dynamics for a country from economic growth to quality of life.

Here at Jones Group International, we will cohesively work with our clients, the local government, health care agencies, and different charitable organizations to strengthen a country’s current health system which can create lasting, positive change around the world. Our efforts in developing new ideas and practices will contribute to improving the population’s health and the individual health of the members of the community.