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Who We Are:

After over ten years of working politically on the local, state, and federal levels of public policy and on campaigns, our group embarked on a journey to form Jones Group International (JGI), an international development consultancy created to bring transformational change to populations across our globe. The JGI mission revolves around the commitment to assemble exceptional expertise with a global perspective of our interconnectivity.

What We Do:

With a focus on governance, transportation, technology, and infrastructure, JGI is unique in its ability to recognize the importance of addressing fundamental social and economic development problems in some of the most vulnerable populations across our world.

Our ability to ensure our client’s success stems from collaboration with communities and organizations, long established personal relationships around the globe, years of expertise, and a proven ability to navigate complex social, economic or political environments.

Our Team:teamwork 453 234

JGI’s core team of international development professionals have vast expertise in building the capacity of local organizations and communities so they can tackle social, economic, and political challenges. Our professional expertise and deep understanding of international development sets us apart. We want government to function responsibly and at their maximum potential to create a better quality of life for those they serve.

In the areas of governance, transportation, technology, and infrastructure, JGI has a commitment to service and global proficiency. The JGI team focuses on the mission of the company, and utilizes those principles to leave behind usable tools and methodologies to support the communities in which they work. Ultimately, our work is to connect people with people to build communities and live better lives in every way possible.